Our construction background isn’t like your general, run-of-mill construction background. We have an extensive background in emergency restoration and construction. This would include projects that run the gamut as far as variety of construction types, size, and difficulty. We realized, running these types of projects lends itself to a wealth of knowledge and experience in time management & efficiency, project management, self improvement, and job turnover. 

In the restoration industry, you are often one of two types of contractor. Either you are an advocate for the insurance company or you are an advocate for the policy holder. We were always advocates for the policy holders. However, that created a strange dynamic within restoration companies. Because they rely on insurance agent/adjuster referrals as a large percentage of their referral base, we became “black sheep”, so to speak. We were good at what we did and we took care of the customer but often at a cost, that cost being strained relationships with insurance companies/reps.

I decided the perfect way for me to continue to be an advocate for the customer is to change my profession just enough to exit the insurance industry but stay within the construction industry, generally. Basement finishes and remodels were practically what we were doing for insurance companies and policy holders. Unfortunately it often wasn’t by choice, by chance. Disasters happen to good people too. 

The Beautiful thing with what we do now is that we can use our restoration background to help limit the potential for insurance claims in the future while we finish your basement or execute your remodel. I also don’t just become your contractor, I become your consultant. If you have a water loss, you call me and I help determine whether it is worth filing a claim. If you have a fire, you call me and I can help you navigate your claim. If you need repairs done on your, I can manage it for you or get you the appropriate contact for the repairs.